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With a currency not bound to any region,
shoppers have insurance of the cryptocurrency usage devoid of delays in payment. 


We are Revolution. Altcoin Exchange Redefined.
With our encrypted Escrow platform, Lumen Local Exchange Platform (LLEP) insures and guarantees sellers and buyers, we will revolutionize online shopping experience (Refer to white paper).

LLEP will completely eliminate confirmation delay in the blockchain of all cryptocurrency.
Waiting for Blockchain confirmation is Over!

LLEP will take the risk off you. Welcome to a new world order in shopping experience using cryptocurrencies.


Up to 30% ROI is achievable through lending of LNC. The profit is derived by expert trading of Altcoin and LNC using trading Bot.

Bot Trading do not always win every trade, therefore we will be using human intelligence in our Trading Platform and other platforms in greater level to achieve success. 

We will never promise Returns that we cannot deliver. It is in our interest and the benefit of our members to see the price of our coin go high, therefore we must do everything possible by using all available methods to achieve this.  


By acquiring and holding Lumen coins (LNC) in your wallet, it automatically becomes an interest-bearing asset with up to 140% of interest per annum.
This means anyone holding Lumen coins (LNC) Coin in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network.
You can terminate coin staking anytime and send all your coin with interest to exchange platform (LLEP) or web wallet.

Shopping Made Easy


Lumen coin is a long term investment program that is designed to be among the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world. With an ongoing lumen exchange project, we will be introducing a brand new way of shopping experience the world has never seen through the introduction of Lumen Local Exchange Platform. Lumen coin is designed as p2p cryptocurrency, featuring fast transaction with little or no fees.


The lending program will only be conducted for a fixed period of 90 days from start to finish.

There will be no reinvesting of capital or profit. Your Capital will be paid back in BTC at the end of the contract period of 90 days.

However, you can withdraw your capital in the first 30 days if desired with no commission charges.

Lumen coin management team are transparent and straight forward. The coin has been minted and will be distributed immediately. Anyone can verify our smart contract address here: (0x6dfd861fb01a99197fbeb01609c2c362f349b525)

Please beware of various Lending Platforms offering you unprecedented and unrealistic High Returns On Investment of up to 48 to 50%. These promises are not sustainable in the real world or for a long time. We are revolutionary and we mean what we say. We have a strong dedicated team to see this project skyrocket. Our coin is expected to rise above 120 USD before September 2018, according to our Independent Crypto Experts. Please see our white paper for details.

Lumen coin will start trading at 13 USD when our internal exchange opens. Pre-ICO will attract 50% bonus on all sales.

How to Participate

1. Register: Necessary information will be required of you including setting up security features.

2. Deposit: Fund your account with only BTC in the deposit address provided. You are free to withdraw your Bitcoin at anytime.

3. ICO Live Sale: When the sales time is active, enter the amount in USD of the number of Lumen coin you wish to purchase, or you can click buy all in other to utilize all your fund to buy LNC

4. REFERRAL: Share your referral links with friends and family to get more benefit.


Our Team

Seasoned Professionals and Expert in Blockchain Technology

Evelyn Lane


Wang Wei

Programmer & Blockchain Developer

David Brown

Web Developer

Maggie Westwood

Lead, Digital Marketing

Janaki Ramaraju

7 years Experience

Sonita Patel

Programme Director

Jessica Denzel

Public Relations

Ahmed Daluo

Programmer & Block Chain Specialist with 10 years experience

Frank Umah


Sue Martins

Cyber Security Specialist

Thank You

Thank you for your confidence in LUMEN Coin



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